Patrycja & Paweł in Wąsowo Castle

Patrycja & Paweł in Wąsowo Castle

Every day is a separate story, we start a new chapter every day. Filled with our experience, a piece of paper. The work of the wedding photographer gives an incredible opportunity to accompany people on the day that is one of the most important families of the story. An additional encouragement is the fact that you can visit places that will always be remembered. We invite you to a reportage from the fairytale wedding of Patrycja and Paweł at the Castle in Wąsowo.



The building is located on a hill and surrounded by a landscape park with monumental trees – mainly oaks, limes and beeches. In this natural setting, Patrycja and Paweł said “yes” to each other.
During the preparations there was a slight tension resulting from the relentlessly running away time, however, our bride, Patrycja did not leave her role so we found two more minutes for a small session before the so-called “first look”.



The moment when Couple sees her first time in gala outfits is one of the special moments that makes each wedding unique and different. The ceremony took place in the Chapel located on the edge of the park, in the immediate vicinity of the Sczanieckich Palace next to the Wąsowo Castle. The interior was decorated with white roses, which further emphasized the aesthetics of the day. The flowers were consistent with the wedding bouquet of Patricia and the setting of the wedding hall. At the time of taking the oath, our Couple could say nothing, emotions in the glances that they gave to each other made words unnecessary. The guests present at the ceremony did not hide their emotions. Thanks to the amazing musical setting (trumpet and keys), the ceremony has become even more special.


taniec ze świeczkami

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