Session on the wedding day vol. 2

Session on the wedding day vol. 2

Session on the wedding day vol. 2

Our previous blog entry about the session on the day of the wedding was so popular that it was finally published on the prestigious Bridelle wedding blog.
It would be naïve not to take advantage of this good streak by updating the subject, because from the last entry a year has passed and at that time we managed to collect further beautiful pictures from outdoor sessions on the day of the wedding.

On the day of the wedding time flows at a different pace, in total he does not swim only gallops. It is often the case that Couples have the impression that the time from preparation to the cake flew in an hour. The session on the day of the wedding is a magic time retarder. It lets you break away from the hustle and bustle. Then we are choosing the three of us for a maximum of a paronasto-minute session, most often during the sunset (during the so-called “golden hour”), to give photographs an additional note of romanticism.

Session on the wedding day

fotografia_slubna_poznan 8


fotografia_slubna_poznan 10

Another advantage that the session gives on the day of the wedding is the ability to stop the emotions accompanying this special day. The pair will never look the same as it is at the moment. This banal issue touches not only aspects such as the appearance of a bridal bouquet, hairstyle, and above all, it perfectly complements the set of photos from that day.

fotografia_slubna_poznan 4

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Thanks to the session on the wedding day, you can allow the outdoor session to be less glamorous any day, and focus more on the personality of the photographed people, showing them in their natural surroundings, in places that are important to the couple. Here, for example, is a park in which they met, a forest in which they like to walk together, the beach where the bride accepted the proposal. A session of this type should be carried out without haste and pressure, such ease is facilitated by the material realized just on the day of the wedding.

fotografia_slubna_poznan 2

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