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Each of us can’t wait for the spring. In anticipation of warming we present You a reportage full of sunny (which we are in love – check) stories about the wedding of Natalie and Henry!

The day started with the preparations at Natalia’s home, during which we had the opportunity to get closer to the whole family. We started shooting in focus to free reportage, without forgetting about detail photos.

Details are very important in the context of all the material that we give to you. If We would not include such elements, images of that day would contain only pure reportage at the large volumes of shots could be tedious. This is why our frames are wedding rings, shoes, elements of dress and bouquet. In addition, the wedding day we do a group photo, formal portraits (with parents, witnesses and guests), and a session on the wedding day.

At the Opieszyn Palace everything was already there, prepared by Magda from My Sweat Dreaming of Home and Caroline of Kwiatove. Slowly guests began to appear. After greetings the time has come for the ceremony. The ceremony took place during the “Golden Hour”, that is the phenomenon that occurs only twice a day, morning and the evening. Name the phenomenon is due to the golden color of the light that emits the sun at sunrise and sunset.

After the sunset, we were looking for opportunities to realize the session. As it happens in such circumstances, it wasn’t too bright. Despite of this, we managed to make some pictures on the background of spectacular illuminated letters.

What can we write at the end … We love such reportages, the aesthetics of the day, the circumstances and, above all, people who can shoot make us loving our work.

Greetings to Natalie and Henry!



really quick this time;)

When our work is finished… After the end of reportage we secure photos and proceed to the treatment. Each of the images that we give in your hands is treated individually (check new stuff here). Why? Because there are no two identical photographs, each different from the last light, the frame and emotions. The result of our work is varied coverage. It was hard to treat all these pictures the same palettes of color, saturation and contrast … with no mention of retouching.
Active close on album pages, the composition and the setting is all about your decision. This refers to the project sites and about the material (two types of canvas and PVC leather) album. All of this is put in a wooden box with usb drive. Check it by yourself :)

When our work is finished