You got friend in me!

You got friend in me!

You got friend in me!
Ola and Bartek’s outdoor wedding in a rustic style

Imagine a craftsman. It can be a shoemaker, tailor, baker or chef. Well, each of the four mentioned professions has its specific task – to please as many customers as possible, doing everything as required by the general public.

However, let’s make a small modification in this picture. Let each of them do his job the way he likes it. At that moment the tailor begins to sew only the fits he likes, he becomes a specialist and attracts a crowd interested in this narrow niche. The shoemaker does the same by switching only to the production of his favorite shoes, the baker does only his favorite croissants, etc.

With us is similar in the photographic issue, we are not looking for ourselves in what she likes the most. We feel best in natural photography. That is, non-staged sessions and reportage, which is conducted without affecting the events. We like to focus mainly on emotions, smiles and that’s what we do. Thanks to the above-mentioned craftsmen, we attract couples who also care about authenticity. Besides, the meringue and the pump do not have a place here, because they are turned into an unpretentious class and wide authentic smiles.

This is no different in the case of the reportage we are writing about today. Ola and Bartek, they feel very good in rustic aesthetics. They took care of every detail, however, due to their absorbing work, they did not do everything themselves and gave attention to details to the crew of Białe Historie. The whole event took place in the picturesque location of Villa Natura in Dolsk. See what it means to “take care of details” while spontaneously devoting oneself to emotions. We invite you to story about Ola and Bartek

You got friend in me!

You got friend in me!

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 2

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 3

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 4

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 5

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 6

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 7

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 8

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 9

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 10

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 11

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 12

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 13

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 14

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 16

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 17

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 18

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 19

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 20

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 21

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 22

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 23

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 24

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 27

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 29

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 30

We would not be ourselves if we did not use such a beautiful environment to realize a quick outdoor wedding session on the day of the wedding;)

Ola and Bartek managed without problems. We have carried out the whole thing in a style that some people call “livestyl” but others are simply natural;). If you do not want to call it, we wanted to present the feeling that combined our pair without posing. Such situations do not require setting and trying to give shape;)

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 31

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 32

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 33

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 34

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 35

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 36

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 38

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 39

Villa_Natura_Dolsk 40

You got friend in me!

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